An Invitation To Play...
Creative expression is vital for human growth and well being.
And so much more...
It reveals the true seed of our unique intelligence. It shows us who we are.
  It leads to greater joy and meaning, self awareness, peace and acceptance.
Within this premise, 'Finding The Thread' is an invitation to play.          
It is a place for something creative to occur.
A collection of workshops and courses designed to encourage
participants to  explore their creativity in many different ways.

Children instinctively understand the importance of play and creativity. It is how they learn, how they try things out, how they exercise their intelligence and imaginations. For many of us, growing up meant an end to play, but we never stop needing all the benefits it brings. Without it we dry up and close down.
Allowing yourself time to play and be creative in whatever way is right for you is nourishment for the soul. Remember how passionate and excited you were in play as a child? Do you still have things in your life that make you feel this way?

'Finding The Thread' is enspired by shared Creative Play. The main aim behind all the courses and workshops is to create a fun and loving environment in which participants can try out new and different ways to be creative.
        Participants have reported a reconnection with their creative selves and a sense of delight and courage about what they are willing to try next, as well as the massive benefits of the support of others. Some discover talents and aspirations that have remained hidden to them up until this time.

The Importance of Listening...

Many of us have forgotten how to play. We might not know what it looks like for us anymore. How can play have meaning for us? One way to find out is to begin to listen to ourselves. Many of us spend much of our time ignoring what our hearts are telling us, until we forget how to listen. It may take a little time and practice to learn how to listen again.
How is it to ask yourself these questions -
What do I love to do most in the world?
What inspires me?
What makes me happy?
Take time to listen to your own answers. Think about them in detail.  Maybe write them down. 
Just as listening can lead us to discover our particular kind of play, so play can be a way of listening. Writing, drawing, dancing - these can all be a way of listening, as can a walk through town or taking a moment to watch the clouds. Almost anything could be a way of listening when done with the intent to connect with ourselves.
 In a society that makes money its goal, where consumerism is the new religion and people rush around, carrying old hurts that stop them even acknowledging each other in the street, it can be  hard to stay true to who we are, to not lose sight and get dragged down by it. The creative process is a way to connect to our true selves and to keep us true. Nurturing this connection to ourselves and to each other reveals who we are meant to be.