Arty and Crafty...

Drawing, painting, cutting, sticking, moulding, folding, stitching, stuffing and lots of other 'ing' words that describe what happens when the mind, heart and hands join forces to create something. There's nothing quite like it. To watch someone in the midst of such an activity, whether child or adult, is like watching someone in deep meditation. Very similar things happen, the mind is calmed, attention is focused totally on the present. In a room full of people involved this way the atmosphere changes, softens.
      More and more the therapeutic benefits of creative activity is being acknowledged. All art and craft courses and workshops at 'Finding The Thread' are designed to be experimental, playful and fun. Thought is given to the use of materials with a preference wherever possible towards recycled materials. There is, afterall, nothing more satisfying than making something new from something old!

A Book of One's Own.

Book-making has increased in popularity in recent years, with traditional and rigid techniques opening up to more playful methods. More and more it is being recognised that to make a book is an opportunity to explore creative ideas in a multi faceted way that is very exciting and seems to have no limits.
This course offers a day to play with paper in one of the most satisfying ways. Using simple but clever techniques, with just a little folding and cutting, you can make a book of you very own. The question then is - what to put in it?..
Words or pictures or both? A story to tell or a place to keep a list of your favourite things? Dreams, secrets, musings, collages, doodles. A place to keep pictures, collect stuff and remind ourselves that life is good and beauty is everywhere.
We will look at themes to enspire and there will be plenty of decorative papers and pictures to collage with. You can also bring you own.

               A Small Homage to Trees                                          What Makes Me Happy                                

Christmas Recycled.

A fun craft day making Christmas decorations for you to add to your tree or as ideal Christmas presents. Using recycled materials, such as last years Christmas cards, wrapping paper, chocolate foil and shrunken jumpers, to make beautiful one-off items to treasure. Materials are provided but any extra bits and pieces that you want to bring will be most welcome!

  Design your own Christmas                       Make elegant ornamants from last years                            tree fairy                                                           wrapping paper and cards.

  Beautiful decorations made with shrunken jumpers, buttons and some simple stitching. 
  You can use the templates available or have fun designing your own.

Experiments In Textiles.

Over the last twenty years, textiles has become recognised as an exciting artform. This course offers an opportunity to try some traditional hand textile techniques in playful and imaginative ways, including embroidery, patchwork, applique, weaving, crochet and macrame. Here is a place to try out something new,  develop skills and ideas in new directions and share any textile techniques you may already have.  Beginners and experienced both welcome.

A note about - 'The Artist's Way'.

'The Artist's Way' is a powerful book by Julia Cameron that offers to free the reader from blocks they may have with their creative process and enable them to access their true artistic selves.  After six years of teaching 'The Artist's Way', I've decided to move on. It's been a wonderful and inspiring course to lead but I feel my time with it is now done and I want explore new avenues. What I've learned and experienced over this period has, and will continue to influence and enrich my own creative experience as well as all my further teaching.
       I want to thank all the people who joined the course over these years for sharing a part of their creative journey with me. I have been touched many times by the honesty, courage, ingenuity and wisdom I've witnessed. It's been a wonderful experience to share with you all.
     The good news is that I know of a lovely woman who is keen and ready to lead another chapter of 'The Artist's Way' , so if you would like to do this course, let me know and I will pass you her details.

Dates And Details For Courses Coming Up -

A Book Of One's Own.
Sunday Workshop
21st July, 2 - 6pm.
Cost - £25 with materials.
(Concessions available on request.)
At Kebele Community Co-op,
14 Robertson Road, BS5 6JY.
For more info & enquiries
please contact me.