One version of
The Golden Rules of a Creative Life

These rules have been gathered over time from many different sources. They change and alter - that is their nature. Creativity doesn't stand still and neither do its rules.
Please feel free to ignore them, embrace them or adapt them to your own particular life and ways.

1.Do what you love. It will connect you to your purpose and bring you closer to who you really are meant to be.
(You can tell if it's right for you by how you feel afterwards. You should feel energised and happy. If it's not right afterwards you will probably feel drained of energy and downcast.)

2. Listen to yourself. Trust yourself and your process.
(This takes practice. Every day is the ideal)

3. Stay open, stay curious.
(Let yourself ask questions. The place of not knowing is the most potent.)

4.Take good self care.
(The basics are regular physical activity, eating well and getting enough sleep. To know the exact shape of your own particular self-care requires listening to yourself and your needs.)

5. Welcome your mistakes.
(Nothing truly great can happen without a few mess-ups on the way. Welcome them - they will always show you something to learn from.)

6.Do even more of what you love.
(This one again because it is vital. The more time you make for what inspires you, the better your life will feel.)